Condominium Corporation Management & Sales

Our Condo Property Management Services:

  • The collection of monthly condo fees
  • Follow through for By-law violations
  • Communication with condo board members, property owners, tenants, maintenance staff & Corporate employees
  • Securing and negotiating annual contracts as well as obtaining quotes for cost effective equipment and services
  • Coordination of contractors for projects and repairs
  • Project Management provided by 3rd party for major projects as required
  • Invoice processing and preparation of monthly corporation financials & Annual Audited Financials
  • Coordinate with lawyers for collection services as required
  • Handling of inquiries and actively solving problems and concerns as they arise
  • Supervise building operations including overseeing preventative maintenance, regular maintenance and emergency repairs
  • 24-hour emergency assistance on call After Hours Services provided at No extra monthly fee
  • Attendance at monthly/quarterly board meetings as well as annual general meetings, depending on the individual needs of the corporation

For more information about condo sales & management please contact:

Tiffany Khuu


What is Condominium Property Management?

When condominium management is employed a Condominium Manager is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of a condominium building are supported and maintained. VIP Realty & Management Ltd. understands the important role of condo management companies here in Calgary; we strive to work closely with your condo board, providing guidance on building management issues such as maintenance, reserve fund studies, determining and managing budgets, and so forth.

While Condo Managers can also manage the funds of individual unit holders, they must keep it “in-trust” to settle the bills of the individual unit. In addition, unlike a Property Manager, a Condo Manager cannot lease an individual unit on behalf of the unit owner unless the Condo Manager holds a license to practice in Property Management.

The easiest way to think of a Property Manager versus Condominium Management is this:

Property Managers are often responsible for individual units and the individual money and maintenance of these units.
Condo Managers are responsible for whole condo building and are not able to lease individual units*. Condo Managers must understand the whole building and how it runs for the benefit of the entire condo building community.

With clear distinctions between Property and Condo Management it’s important that you know the roles of each party. Each role is important for a condominium complex – particularly if you have unit owners who lease their units – but it’s also important to know what responsibilities legally fall to each party to avoid miscommunication and unreasonable expectations.