Calgary Properties For Rent

Looking to Rent a Rental Property?

There is a lot to take into consideration when viewing rental properties, It is always good practice to do your research prior to entering a Tenancy Agreement, whether you are looking for apartments, condos, homes or townhomes for rent location and current market statistics are the primary influences on price points.

Current Calgary Rental Statistics

Calgary4.0a** 1,191a1,150a1.8a44,530
Downtown3.4a** 1,166a1,075a2.0b5,413
Beltline3.2a** 1,226a1,169a1.4a10,280
North Hill4.4b** 1,059a995a1.1a2,992
Southwest3.1b** 1,163a1,170a2.3a4,068
Southeast5.3b** 1,237a1,218a1.2a2,934
Northwest3.6b** 1,188a1,163a2.1c6,547
Northeast4.9b** 1,292a1,295a2.9a3,476
Chinook3.4b** 1,099a1,100a1.8b2,458
Fish Creek5.0b** 1,181a1,164a1.4a4,572
Other Centres6.7a** 1,249a1,300a2.5a1,790
  • The following letter codes are used to indicate the reliability of the estimates: a – Excellent, b- Very good, c – Good, d – Fair (Use with Caution)
  • ** Data suppressed to protect confidentiality or data not statistically reliable
  • ++ Change in rent is not statistically significant. This means that the change in rent is not statistically different than zero (0). (Applies only to % Change of Average Rent Tables).