At VIP Real Estate and Management, you are our VIP, we take your stress into our hands. You can count on us to ensure the Integrity of your investment to our fullest potential while offering the best value.


Property Management Services & Prices

Property Management can be complex and time consuming. Let our licensed, knowledgeable, experienced Realtors and Property Managers guide you through the process keeping up to date with the current By-Laws, ACTS and Rights involved can be a handful and will determine your success.

Credit/reference checks $  75.00
Drafting of leasing paperwork/security deposit $  75.00
Move ins/Move outs $125.00
Vacancy or tenant inspections $125.00
Pictures/creating advertisement/signage $250.00
Professional Pictures of your home $125.00
Virtual Tours $225.00
Full leasing package (no additional Property Management) $575.00
Tenant property searches including pulling land title and review of contracts $495.00
Evictions and collections $395.00
Project coordination and obtaining quotations for renovations/repairs/cleaning 10% of overall project cost

** gst not included**
**not intended to solicit properties under contract with another brokerage**


Property Management Types & Sales

Property Management can be intricate and convoluted, let us help you, you are, after all, our VIP. Managing, leasing, selling or purchasing a property can be stressful and time consuming. Knowing the laws and details involved in it can be a handful. Real Estate  requires experience and knowledge to achieve success.

VIP Realty & Management specializes in residential and condo management & sales:

Residential Management & Sales
Condo Management & Sales