Tammy Tuck

Excellent service and they go the extra mile

AJ Jonez

They are committed to your growth and venture. From buying to selling or investing the team you have is ready to talor to your independent needs. Everyone is unique and important and they exhibit performance in your best interest. From buying, selling, investment to managing. Amazing hardworking and collective team! I highly recommend them for all your real estate needs!*****

Sheena Trip De Roche

Professional and gets the job done! Recommend to anyone!

Jerry Wong

Val came in as property manager at my house after years of other PMs that did the bare minimum or less to maintain the property and keep it respectable. In some cases it would be neglected for weeks/months or ignored completely. Once Val took over she quickly remedied all issues and took some action to prevent further problems from occuring. Asides from keeping an open dialog with me she looked after the property with care and quality which as a renter is what you always hope for but is rarely delivered.

Reference for Tiffany Khuu

November 20, 2019

I, Desneige Lougheed, am pleased to say that I have had the privilege of working directly with Tiffany for a period of approximately 4 years in the capacity of, Tiffany as Property Manager and myself as President of the Somerset Village Condominium Corporation.

Tiffany had been our Condo Complex Property Manager since 2013, prior to my joining the Board. When I did join the Board in 2015, I was very inexperienced and having assumed the President’s role, it was with Tiffany’s assistance and guidance that I was able to perform the many duties assigned to my role of President.

Tiffany is an individual who always made herself available to answer our questions, arrange Contractor quotes, diarized and arranged for the timing of Reserve Fund studies, Property appraisals, researched annually for Insurance providers to obtain the best possible quote and protection, resolved Board/Owner disputes, assisted in arranging AGM meetings, and providing ByLaw/Policy guidance on an ongoing basis. Tiffany was also a huge help in guiding us with regards to the financial aspects of our Condo Corp.

Our Board was a small group and we relied heavily on Tiffany’s experience and knowledge. Tiffany worked with us as a Team, without any conflict whatsoever. She was always open to our opinions and if there was a difference of opinion, Tiffany would explain why it may be an issue and provide us with an alternative in keeping with the ByLaws and Policies.

In summation, Tiffany is a Professional with many Attributes, some of which are: Communication, Attention to detail, Due diligence, Time management, Conflict resolution and Problem solving and Team player.

Our relationship with Tiffany was always positive and I would not hesitate to recommend Tiffany as a Property Manager.

Desneige Lougheed
President, Somerset Village Condominium Corp

Recommendation for Tiffany Khuu

November 22, 2019

To Whom it May Concern;
I am forwarding to your attention this Letter of Recommendation for Tiffany Khuu and her firm VIP Realty and Management Ltd.

My name is Alan Coe and I am the former Board President of the Braxton Brae Condominium Association in Calgary. I held this position for a period of four years during which time I had extensive dealings with Tiffany as our Property Manager.

I found Tiffany to be a consummate professional in all aspects of her work and very knowledgeable regarding the duties and responsibilties of a Property Manager. She is approachable and very easy to deal with. She always keeps the lines of communication open between the Condominium Board and the Management Company. We received regular Managers reports from her containing all the pertinent information we as a Board required to allow us to make informed decisions for our Owners and the Condominium Association. She possesses a large amount of contacts within the building and service trades and always strove to find us the best quality work for our money.

Additionally, when we had issues with an owner we could always count on Tiffany to assist us in fully resolving them efficiently and promptly. She met with us in person regularly to ensure that things were going smoothly and also to pass on any information we required regarding Board business.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tiffany and the team at VIP Realty and Management Ltd to fully meet your needs for a Manager and Property Management firm. It will make your duties as Board Members and the duties of those that follow you in the years to come much easier and smoother which will keep the owners of your Association very pleased with your wise choice in choosing them.

Alan Coe
Former President Braxton Brae Condominium Association